In 2016, the City of Claremont approved the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park Master Plan & Implementation Plan, which recommended establishing a Friends group to actively work to preserve, program, support, and facilitate communication among park users, neighbors, and City staff, and to harness the energy of volunteers to help achieve the goals laid out in the Master Plan (Master Plan, pages 4.9–4.10; Implementation Plan, pages 4-5). The Friends of the Wilderness Park was established in response to the plan.

The Friends were first convened in 2017, and in response to the initial experience, the governance and committee structure was revised to its present form in 2018.


Friends’ activities are initiated and coordinated by a Leadership Team, who establish ad-hoc or permanent working groups to deal with specific issues as needed.

Current Leadership Team members:
Charlie Gale, Second Saturday Water Coordinator
Greg Glass
Nancy Hamlett, Treasurer and Invasive Plant Working Group leader
Meg Mathies, Communications and Secretary
Dean McHenry, Trails Working Group co-leader
Jim Pinter-Lucke, Chair and Signage Working Group leader
Vicki Salazar, Volunteer Coordinator
Shawn Winnick, Trails Working Group co-leader

Current Working Groups:
Invasive Plants
Park signage


The Friends have made park signage recommendations to the City, and are currently serving as volunteer liaisons to park visitors to reinforce trail etiquette and park rules, making sure visitors and pets have sufficient water and know the layout of the park. They are also evaluating unauthorized and official trails and mapping invasive plant species in the Park. For more information, please see our Volunteer page.