Existing signage at the entrance to the Sycamore Canyon Trail.

One of the recommendations arising from the CHWP Master Plan was to establish a new signage program for the Park.  The Master Plan noted that the Park is over-run with excessive signs in a variety of styles, installed at different times, with little attention to consistency and aesthetics.  The Implementation Plan recommended that the Friends of the Wilderness Park participate in developing a formal signage program for the Wilderness Park that lay out how the Park could “provide critical information regarding rules, regulations, and wayfinding without contributing to “sign pollution,” while creating signage that would be “consistent with the aesthetic of a wilderness setting.”

Work Accomplished

Over a couple of years, the Signage Working Group created a survey of existing signs and made suggestions for signs to be eliminated.  They developed recommendations for creating professional, consistent signage, and templates for map-based signs to greet visitors at park entrances. 

This work culminated in a formal proposal for a CHWP signage program, which was approved by the Parks, Hillsides, and Utilities Committee and the Community and Human Services Commission in September 2020.

Key elements of the approved policy include:

  • A covered kiosk at the North Mills entrance containing a map-based sign and information about park hours and regulations
  • Map-based/informational signs at all major access points.
  • Uniform directional signs at trail junctions
  • Mileage markers; useful as location indicators in cases of Emergency
A possible concept for the sign at the Entrance Kiosk.

View or download the approved Signage Guidelines for the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park (PDF).

The Signage Guidelines provide for implementation in phases, as funding becomes available.  Currently, work is in progress on the kiosk at the main entrance, mile markers are being updated to better assist emergency personnel, and we hope soon to be working on directional signs with funds that are included in the City’s current CalFire grant.

Volunteer to help with signage

Although the major concept development has been done, some work is still needed, including designing and specifying the wayfinding signs and the the signs for Park entrances, dealing with modifications to the plan that may become necessary, and seeking sources of funding for creating new signage. We may also be looking for volunteers to help install signs. If you would like to help with any aspect of developing or implementing Park signage, please contact us at and indicate your interest.